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Conrad Weiser Middle School Cheerleading
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Demerits will be used as a disciplinary tool. They will be given at the discretion of the coach. These rules will be strictly enforced.


Three (3) demerits will result in the removal from a performance.

Six (6) demerits will result in suspension for two (2) weeks.

Twelve (12) demerits will result in dismissal from the squad.


One (1) demerit will be given for:


a. Disrespect toward the team captains of members.

b. Unexcused tardiness at any team activity.

c. Not passing uniform inspection:

            - This includes correct skirt, shell, turtleneck, bloomers, socks, shoes & ribbons

    for games.

d. Inappropriate practice uniform:

            - This includes any piece of practice attire (shorts, shoes etc.)

            - This also includes inappropriate hair (hair not in pony tail etc.)

e. Forgotten materials/uniform etc.



Three (3) demerits will be given for:


a. Unexcused absence

b. Not following proper procedures for returning from an activity.




Six (6) demerits or suspension will be issued for violations of above infractions totaling six (6) points or


a. Disrespect toward coach and/or administration


Two (2) suspensions or twelve demerits will result in dismissal from the squad.



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